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MCAS Miramar - Renovate B6218 & B6219

Renovate B6218 & B6219


Contract Number -


Award Amount

Mar 2, 2022

Award Date

Sep 1, 2022


Scope of work

Self-Performed: 94%


  • Provide electrical branch circuits and safety switches.

  • Relocate Eye wash stations.

  • Install two sets of exterior doors.

  • Paint safety striping around equipment.


  • Furnish and Installation of exterior rated electrical transformer and panel board.

  • Furnish and install new air compressor.

  • Furnish and install new concrete containment berm.

  • Trench conduit path from B6218 & 6219.

Subcontractor: 6%

  • Electrical engineering design

  • Epoxy Coating on concrete berm.

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